Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Happened to Date Night?

Lately in the zeitgeist, there has been an emphasis on the terms “chick-lit” or “chick-flick.” Back around the turn of the century when “chick-lit” became a genre, I sort of understood it. The books that got labeled this way were obviously geared towards women, and they weren’t just the latest offering from Oprah’s Book Club. These books were full of women, and the things women are interested in. If you were to write a book about make-up, dresses and tampons; that would satisfy a certain population of and it would be somewhat fair to label it chick-lit. Somewhat fair. Somehow this term has become the standard for any piece of literature whose main character is female. I am a real guy and this shit is obvious even to me!

Why does a book having a female main character mean that it is geared towards women? This labeling is… ugh. It’s ridiculous, just ridiculous. And now, thanks to so many of these “chick-lit” titles becoming successful, we get to see them all as movies that are of course geared towards women. This way of thinking has become so pervasive that it’s accepted.

WHAT HAPPENED? These pictures may have women as main characters, but there is no reason that guys shouldn’t have a good time too – in the right situation. No, I don’t expect a pack of straight men to line up to see The Devil Wears Prada, but they would have an awesome time if they were on date with their other! That’s what most of these are: DATE MOVIES. Hell, that’s even what we used to call them. Movies that are romantic and/or emotional or about actual growth as a person are perfect for embracing the one you’re interested in. That’s what they’re for!

This phenomenon is so ridiculous that even the most popular “guy’s movie” director has even figured it out. That’s right, Judd Apatow knows what actually makes guys tick. Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Date Movie. Pineapple Express? DATE MOVIE! Hell, I’d even call that movie a bro-mance, there was that many romantic dealings going on.

What’s my point? We need to reclaim our movies from marketing people. The best example from this year is what most consider to be the biggest chick-fest of all time: Sex and the City. I will go on record saying that this is a very good movie, regardless of the TV show. And, ironically because of the TV show, this movie’s audience missed the mark. Groups of women (and gay men too, let’s keep it real) went to theaters in hordes together to celebrate this event. Some theaters even put on parties with drinks inspired by the movie. Apparently the audiences enjoyed it, but I venture to that they may have missed the point. That movie, while having four female lead characters, is at heart a date movie. I won’t spill into the plot, but we know it’s about romantic relationships and for my money that’s the kind of picture that makes me want to hold my baby’s hand.

Let’s bring back the tradition.

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