Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Round Up : 9.14.08

Here’s this weekend’s box-office estmates!

1. Burn After Reading $19.4 million
2. The Family That Preys $18 million
3. Righteous Kill $16.5 million
4. The Women $10.1 million
5. The House Bunny $4.3 million

Alright, alright. So last week, I said that I was looking at The Women being the number one movie this weekend. Forgive me, apparently it had slipped my mind that three other movies were opening as well. At $10 million, people will inevitably say The Women’s grosses makes it a failure but it was made for $16 million so it will make it’s money back in the next week. What I am interested in is whether or not it will pick up word of mouth and grow form there. Whatever happens, it’s Picturehouse’s best opening ever! Way to go.

At $16.5, Righteous Kill is also the biggest success for Overture Films. I would have to say that I was surprised that Overture decided to release this picture so early in the fall season. Police dramas tend to do well once the weather seriously for some reason. It could easily have won the weekend sometime in October. Especially with Robert De Niro playing Al Pacino, and Pacino playing De Niro. What could be better?

Tyler Perry truly has got his eye on his audience, yet another movie of his is a hit. He also traditionally does not do screenings for critics. Generally, when a movie is not screened for critics it is because the studio doesn’t have confidence in the picture. Tyler Perry is definitely an exception to this rule. He says that he does not do critics screenings because he lets the audience be his critic. This is a brave man. Best of all, the audience is giving him raves – every single movie of his has been a hit!

Burn After Reading won the weekend with $19.4 million! I was hearing that some tracking experts were expecting the mid 20s range. I would have been surprised to see those results, but $19 mil makes it the highest grossing debut weekend for any Coen Brothers movie. Congratulations!

All in all, this was a surprising start to the fall, with the general receipts being up about 35% from last year. I think that for the first time in a while there were a lot of fresh choices with a wide array of movie stars to choose from. Clearly, people wanted to go to the movies.

And that’s the weekend!

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