Thursday, September 18, 2008


Pop the champagne! This marks Soccerboy in LA’s fiftieth post! Everybody at MD TOTAL is feeling pretty proud of what’s been accomplished here since July Eleventh! Even I didn’t imagine I would have had that much to say in two months, much less publish it for the world to see. I will admit it’s an extremely fun process that is wonderfully difficult.

This magazine is published five times a week on average. Some weeks are all seven days, and some weeks have consecutive days off. Generally, I figure out what I’m going to write about, write it, rewrite it, edit, rewrite again, edit again and publish all on the same day. As an artist, I rely on a strong process to get this accomplished. Some features require more time for me to establish a point of view, so I chew on those ideas, writing for a few days at a time before I publish them. I will say this: it is surprising even to me what features take a long time to get out of me. Luckily, I have a process. Though I must say, the best part about reaching Fifty is that I get to thank you.

Thank you for reading this magazine! :)

It’s great that you guys show up at all, and that you feel comfortable enough to join in on the discussion. It’s fulfilling. Speaking of, now would be a good time to give a shout out to our readers in Rhondda! And Panang! I never dreamt that Soccerboy in LA would be read as far as Wales and Thailand, but dag y'all… Thanks for showing up! And tell a friend to drop by! [shameless plug] New Visitors are always welcome!

We’re nearing the end of the second cycle, and it’s a crazy/amazing feeling just to be here and know that we’re moving forward! Cycle Three is looking to be pretty cool and should take us through the New Year. We’re working on some things that are pretty exciting if I say so myself. The feel will be the same and the recurring features will still recur, we’ll just get some new ones as well. That’s all I can say!

Pop the champagne and celebrate Soccerboy in LA’s Fiftieth Feature and give a toast to your good sense for reading it!

Keep it Real.

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Alison said...

Oh, did I forget to mention I have a blog, too? Surprise!! I will add you to my most-best-things list on it tomorrow when I am more sober. Kisses!!

NB said...

Congratulations and keep it coming!