Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Madeleine Stowe Laughs Last!!! [and finally, btw]

Madeleine Stowe Laughs Last!

A few weeks ago, I wrote An Open Letter to Madeleine Stowe about her “situation” with the screenplay she wrote and wanted to star in. If you remember, no studio wanted to make the movie with her as the star, because she wasn’t bankable enough. It didn’t matter that Ms. Stowe was (and still is) quite the actress. She held onto the screenplay and never sold it, the role was worth that much to her. In my letter to her, I suggested so much time had passed that it was time for her to look at her options again. I thought maybe it was time to let go of her dream of starring in the movie she wrote – and it would be painful to do so. But I said that she was talented enough to make another one and if she sold the first and took a secondary role, that could make become bankable enough to star in her second.

Well, it seems she took my advice to heart. Not exactly, but better. See, the thing about advice is the way you make it your own. When you can see that a bit of advice is good, you still have to find a way for it to fit on you. And she did. Variety reports today that she just sold her script, and finally! Oscar winning actress Rachel Weisz will play the lead role. And Madeleine Stowe won’t be in it at all. She’s going to direct the motherfucker!

She deserves a standing ovation for this. She did not give up on her dream. I know a lot of people will point out that she won’t get to play her dream role, but I say: She get’s to be the sole person responsible for telling her dream story.

Way to go, Madeleine Stowe! I’m right proud of you.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Julia Has A Laugh

This is video from the Lincoln Center Tribute to Tom Hanks - Not a roast at all. In the priceless video below, Julia Roberts speaks some choice words about Tom Hanks that we know are all too true.

Way to go Julia!

But serioudsly, Julia, you could stand to learn how to hold for a laugh. I'm just saying!

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