Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Randomness

Radiohead just got trippy! Well, I guess they’ve always been trippy. [Everything in it’s Right Place, anyone? I was playing that song once and my mother actually thought the CD player was breaking. Once I told her the song is meant to sound like that she asked me if he was singing about math. I really, really love my mom!] I was surprised to see this on Variety. It’s time lapsed HD video of footage shot in Telluride, Colorado during the Telluride Film Festival. It’s a relaxing romp through the mountains and the city set to the Radiohead song “Nude,” from In Rainbows. It’s fun and goes really well with a cup of coffee or tea. I’d also like to congratulate Radiohead for donating the usage of this song for the festival, it’s rare for artists to just give it away for free. Thanks to Variety for putting this up.

It’s always nice to remember that sometimes music paired with film can make you feel. I wanted to post the video here, but their embeddable player was freaking out once I published. Heads up, Variety: get this figured out. I am giving you a link [gasp!] in the video's absence.

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