Monday, September 29, 2008

Remember when I gave advice…?

Okay. SO, last week I wrote a little about the Emmy Awards. It was fun and breezy and was honestly was fueled a little by the previous evening's... celebrating. [notice the time the Emmy's finished and what time I posted the next morning to get an idea.]

I even felt cocky enough to give advice about parties, behaviour and required looks in the mirror. All it is still very true, please trust that. But after seeing pics of me from that evening, understand that I definitely got what was coming to me. The only picture of me I have is, in a word, awful. It's not flattering to me nor is it to all of my hard work at the gym in any way, shape or form. At all! Even my good attributes look bad in this picture! WHAT?! There is one disclaimer: This picture was actually taken before the party started, and before I imbibed even one sip of alcohol! That just makes it even worse. See, this is what it can be like in real life: you can be excited about a party, get all dressed up, take pictures and look bad. Forever!

And now the real advice about these parties [dare I tempt fate again…?] If the party is small enough, you can ask the photographer to see the picture he just took. If you look awful, politely ask if he would take it again! That sounds totally needy, controlling and manipulative, but who cares?! With the internet, these pictures really can follow you around forever! Some events will be too big to take pictures twice, so I seriously suggest that you take the time to practice posing in the clothes you plan to wear at home, like I should have! I know that's very teenage girl, but fuck! If it can prevent pictures like this then I will practice every single time! Apparently, I have learned, this is what everyone else does! And apparently, I didn’t get the memo. [but I would like to thank the little bird who gave me that suggestion for the next time.] I am including the pic so y'all know how bad it can get and to put a scare in you. You have been warned!

At least my eyes are smoldering? That's what we're calling it. Smoldering.

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