Monday, June 3, 2013

NEW_MUSIC: Britney Fields

Now you all know I love my EDM, but that’s just one of the kinds of music I love. What I really love is variety, I have love for all genres of music. I think that comes from playing piano and viola and singing since I was little. Lack of variety is also my real problem with mainstream radio in the last decade or a little more – there’s a lot of one genre of music, but not a lot of variety. Back in the early to mid 00’s, it was all about garage rock. And that was cool, but where the hell was the R&B? Now, EDM is all over the airwaves to a degree, and as much as I have loved having it everywhere I've been worried that it would be all we heard. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. EDM has definitely made a name for itself, but its existence has also gotten people interested in making melodic, hopeful music of all genres again. That combined with the state of the world, I think, but I also feel the current state of the world is partially responsible for EDM’s rise. People want hopeful music that feels like love. But I digress. ;)

I got a submission from a young woman, who sings R&B music. Truthfully, I’d say she sangs R&B. She’s originally from Illinois, but since her dad was in the military, she moved around a lot before settling in Georgia. She says she fell in love with music as a wee little girl when she heard Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” (I think we all can relate to that!) So now, she’s got a few tracks that are bangin! They’re perfect for the warm weather that is arriving, tho I have a feeling they’d warm you up in chilly weather, you know…?

Tracks are below – before I forget, if you’re in the Atlanta area you may want to set a Google alert to be the first to find out about personal appearance - you won't want to miss it!

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