Thursday, May 23, 2013


In our continued desire to support and shine a light on other artists, today we get a little treat! It’s the trailer for the short film, “Crisis,” which was written and produced by Shana Lloyd and directed by Greg Thompson.

Here’s the short summary:

A man in the midst of a midlife crisis decides he wants to live a "straight" life that includes a wife and baby to complete him. Out of desperation, he proposes to his female best friend. She turns him down, but agrees to help him audition wives in the hopes he will realize the absurdity of his choice and find the answers within himself.

I have to say I’ve seen the entire short film and it is hilarious. Check out the trailer below, and if you’re so inclined, see the entire short now on FilmScreenr for only $.99. That’s less than the cost of a song on iTunes!

Follow the movie on Twitter @CrisisTheMovie

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The Cannes Film Festival. Festival de Cannes. A sleepy little town on the Med goes all out sparkly glam for two weeks every May for the biggest, most important, most exclusive film festival in the world. And you’ll hear about it for the next ten days. Premieres, premiere parties, film deals, movie stars. All on the French Riviera.

An animated short I worked on – I voiced the only the only character in - will make its European premiere at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival! That short, Tailypo, is an African-American folk tale that is animated with stop motion puppets. It’s as gorgeous as it is frightening. The screening intends to generate interest from other international festivals. Let’s all wish it the best as it heads out fro the Croisette!

As you know from the Cannes Diary, I’ve been to the Cannes Film Festival before when I was a producer shooting at the festival. Calling that experience crazy would be an insult to crazies everywhere. So I wrote a book about it all. Cannes: TAKE NO PRISONERS a novella. This book is fiction. Any similarities to any real people or real situations is accidental and coincidental. As we do. For some reason the term roman รก clef comes to mind…

Watch the trailer now, it’s a fun-filled postmodern expressionist romp!

Cannes: TAKE NO PRISONERS a novella is available now on Amazon Kindle! Don’t have a kindle? The Kindle app is available for iphone, ipad, droid, plus on your desktop or laptop with the Kindle app for Mac or PC! Best part? It’s only $3.99 (for a limited time)!

Perfect for beach reading, plane reading, train reading, long car trips or maybe just read it out loud to your lover…

2103 Cannes Film Festival poster courtesy of Festival de Cannes.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cannes: TAKE NO PRISONERS a novella

It is with great pleasure I announce the first Soccerboy in LA book, Cannes: TAKE NO PRISONERS a novella! It’s a very exciting time, and it’s been very difficult to keep this all under wraps. Generally, this is the space I’d write about things like this but I had to tell myself to wait, be patient.

Well the wait is over, and the book is available right now on Amazon Kindle! But what if I have an ipad, you ask? Get the kindle app; it’s free! The best part, the book carries a special price, it’s only $3.99! Get it now before the price goes up. It’s perfect for the beach, the plane, the train, and the automobile – if you’re a passenger.

But what is it about? Remember the Cannes Diary, the day-by-day recounting of my first trip to Cannes that appeared here back in 2009? Well, I’ve re-written it and expanded it to novella length. That means more action, more ridiculousness, and more naughtiness for your pleasure. Tell your friends that you heard about it first, tell your mama, your dad, your grandma, your brothers and sisters, your cousins and even your enemies. They deserve to be entertained too, yo.

Here’s the official description:

CANNES: TAKE NO PRISONERS a novella is the first book from the writer of the wildly popular Soccerboy in LA blog, Malcolm Devine. The novella follows his real adventures from a trip to the internationally famous Cannes Film Festival, where he was a producer shooting a documentary television show. The subject of the show he’s producing does product placement for films and the event planning for the films’ premiere parties. Alex must deal with a various array of crazy difficulties with the crew, with the host of the show and even his executive producer who have all been seduced by the notorious naughtiness of the Cannes Film Festival to get the show shot and sold.

Best of all, there’s a trailer to whet your appetite! It gives you an idea of the craziness that goes on in the book. And it’s told in a postmodern avant-garde expressionist style. If you’re going to make a book trailer, might as well make it a piece of entertainment in and of itself, right? That’s how we do here.

I’m extremely proud that this is my first book.

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