Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Got Made

So by now, you must have run into an article or two in the entertainment section of your local newspaper about Russell Brand, who was this year’s VMA Host. Apparently, some people found him to be controversial, which I find surprising/not surprising. I’m not surprised because America is clearly more Puritanical than we’d all like to believe, surprised because he hosted the VMAs. Aren’t the VMAs supposed to be the big finger to the establishment? Then I realize this response proves that finger was received.

First of all, Russell Brand was funnier than all get out. (see, even I can keep it clean sometimes.) The fact that he is generally unknown in the States was the main impetus for his freedom. His stream of consciousness style managed to be both crazy and focused; he was always on topic. Crikey – he made two Jonas Brothers jokes that were hilarious, and then had a third that proved the first two were merely setups for the third joke’s punch! Way to go, Brand. Way to go.

And that brings up another problem many people had with Brand’s jokes. People are up in arms about his jokes about the Jonas Brothers’ “promised virginity.” Huh??? I’m pretty sure that if the Jonas Brothers sent out a press release telling of their promise rings, then they’re comfortable being talked about in general whether in support of their rings or not! This even got a live response during the show itself. Jordan Sparks was presenting an award with John Legend when she vocally supported the Brothers’ promises by agreeing “Not everyone wants to be sluts!” WHAT? Why is that the only other option? Is that what we’re telling the kids nowadays? You can either be a virgin until marriage otherwise you’re a slut? That doesn’t even mention the hypocrisy of Proud Compassionate Christian Jordan Sparks calling people sluts, because that above all is definitely what compassionate people do regardless of religion? This may be exactly the problem! The oldest Jonas Brother is almost 21 years old! I’d have to say that if you’re 20 and having consentual sex with a committed partner then that is nowhere near the definition of a “slut.” The point is this is obviously not working. Take a look around! Maybe more teenagers than ever are becoming pregnant because they haven’t been alerted to any other options than virgin/whore!

But I digress, this space here is not political. It just gets tricky when entertainment arouses political ideas. Speaking of, Brand also took a lot of flack by pleading for America to elect Barack Obama. People are angry that a Brit would even suggest a candidate, which tells me they transparently ignored his statement. To be fair, Brand said “Do the World a favor and elect Barack Obama.” Damn. Do the whole World a favor? That’s not even a slight exaggeration about how the rest of the real world feels. The people who are angry that he said that are simply afraid to have the debate about why the rest of the planet feels that way. (remember? It ties into the whole “Haters are jealous” theory.)

I guess I should say it again, this here space is not organically political. Sometimes, quality entertainment makes us think about what’s going on. And I am grateful for that. At the end of the day, I’m just happy that a VMA host has people thinking! Has that ever even happened before? I’m just saying…

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Gwen said...

I love Russell Brand -- in fact, part of why we turned off the VMAs after the first half hour was that it was just too painful to watch him get no response from the audience when he was being hilarious. And the whole public uproar has just made me so disappointed in Americans.

On a happier note, have you seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Brand is fantastic in it. Plus, Dracula puppet musical!