Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lady Madonna

I hate to delve into celebrity gossip, and pledged that this magazine is not about it but today I may just have to. It’s being said everywhere that Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s spokesperson has confirmed that they are filing for divorce. Yikes. I can’t even imagine what this is going to be like, I only know that they will keep the gloves on for the sake of the kids. What is she going to do? Will she stay in London for the kids? She moved there to be with Guy, but now that it's over will she still be feeling it? Most people never have to think about what country to live in when you're getting divorced. Hell, some people hate having to change neighborhoods because they've grown attached to the restaurants, butchers, dry cleaners in their old one.

Guy's absence was the big question last night as Madonna attended the premiere in New York of the movie she directed, Filth and Wisdom all alone. We all know Guy is shooting his Sherlock Holmes movie in London with Robert Downey Jr, but shouldn’t he have been there? I mean, it’s your wife’s directorial debut and your wife’s name is Madonna. Well, now we know.

I must say that the way they handled this announcement's timing was pretty smart. I knew that they were separating [check out the very first Soccerboy in LA post if you'd like to remember] back in July, but they waited until now to disclose the info. Most people are similar when they break up, they want to wait until the worst is over before they begin to announce it. Once it's public knowledge, you're able to feel much more confident and are closer to being able to project that when it comes up. Plus - when you both have movie's opening, you will at least have something concrete to answers about. In a word, brilliant.

The reason I am writing about it today is because I am beginning to think that the big M may have read that book her brother Christopher wrote about her. (if so, good for you Madge. I say it’s always better to know what they’re saying…) In that book, Guy does not come out well at all and Chris does not hold back about it either. He even went as far as saying that Guy as a brother-in-law makes him pine for the days of Sean Penn.


Everyone in her circle has said that Chris has always been the absolute closest person to Madonna and that title was shamelessly and purposefully stolen away from him by Guy. Chris was the one who got her back on her feet emotionally after she finally left Penn and the big question is whether she will lean on him again. They’ve just got this one little problem… That pesky little book. Right now she’s flying high professionally with the movie and the phenomenally successful world tour for her latest hit record, and I’d expect her to do exactly what I’ve done in breakup situations: Dive into work. And when work chills out, create more work and then dive into that. Then one morning you find yourself having breakfast while you’re watching Notting Hill and crying into the jam on your sourdough toast. Or… maybe that’s just me. Who else would be watching Notting Hill on a perfectly good weekday morning? Either way hang in there, Madonna. Everybody at MD TOTAL is rooting for you. If you ever need a weekday breakfast/romantic comedy moment you know where to find it.

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