Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer In LA

In case you've missed this crazy place, even a little, here's what's going on the second week of July, 2008.

In-N-Out still exists. You can relax.

Check out what Jason Biggs is up to. (and probably me too next week...) Twilight at the club

Madonna and Guy actually might be splitting up. It's the cover of EVERY TABLOID. No, really. Every single one.

You can't talk on a cell phone while driving without a headset, and cops are giving out tickets like candy. Up at Donner, Nevada is ten minutes away, so all weekend everyone was always asking "Can I talk on a cell phone here? And what fucking time is it?!" Apparently Nevada is on Mountain Time.

Select Starbucks Locations (mine, of course) are beginning to offer Sorbetto, which is really close to an Italian Ice. It's seriously good, and should take off like a space shuttle.

Matt and Kacy had their baby, Joshua, yesterday!

A single track of Kate Moss' hair extensions fell off her head and onto the RED CARPET. I love me some Kate, but it doesn't get much better than that.

Kitson on Robertson will debut a new clothing line this fall by - wait for it - Michael Jackson!

The Pinkberry on Sunset across from Rock and Roll Ralph's is open till 2AM on the weekends. So much healthier than Denny's after the club!

And that's Summer in LA!

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