Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ridiculous Ridiculousness

Matt Damon may have said it best – The way that Sarah Palin is being presented by the Republican Party is very much like a Hollywood Movie that the whole family can enjoy. He basically compared the Party’s treatment of her like she was some hockey mom whose charming no-nonsense attitude will allow her to save the world using her wits and that same no-nonsense attitude. Did I mention that it’s part of her charm?

Contrary to popular belief, Hollywood is not only Democrats, even though it seems that way at times. Democrats definitely feel that Palin is getting this sort of story treatment and are sickened by it, but many thinking Republicans think so and are disgusted as well. And they should be. Everyone can agree that this is not the way to treat a vice presidential nominee, no matter which side of the political fence one falls on. Aren’t we smarter than that? Why do we accept being treated as if we’re too stupid to figure out what they’re trying to accomplish?

While you chew on that, watch this funny video that takes Matt Damon’s words as a launching point and nails it to the wall. [disclaimer: this has been around since September 25th, but was just made available to folks like me today]


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