Sunday, October 12, 2008

[title of show]

Tonight, after playing 13 previews and 102 regular performances, [title of show] closes on Broadway. It is no secret how I feel about this show, I was even fortunate enough to be able to run an ad of their's on my site for the several weeks. Though it is closing, this is no sad occasion. Today we celebrate how amazing it is that this show got to Broadway in the first place, and that it was able to run as long as it did. While you may think that three months is not long, the history books are filled with stories of shows that played less than two weeks and even with shows that opened and closed on the same day. So when a little musical that began at the New York Musical Festival, then moved Off-Broadway, then had a short semi-scripted series on the internet moves to Broadway we celebrate! We celebrate the fact that these fantastically talented people got a completely original and authentic show up and running just because they decided that they would. We celebrate that these people and their show serve as a reminder that Broadway does have open doors and the community will be welcoming. But most of all, we celebrate the fact that these people’s dreams came true.

I hope that this show lives on in regional theatre, community theatre and high school theatre because at the end of the day, it deserves to. Kids growing up and already grown-up adults need to know that they can accomplish what they put their mind to, even if they feel that they are “Two Nobodies in New York.”

Most of all, this show deserves to be celebrated because at it’s core, it’s about having the courage to express yourself without judging yourself and not caring what other people think. And that’s nutrition for everyone.

My hat is off to Hunter, Jeff, Susan and Heidi. You did it!

And for old time's sake:

Ourboros, Motherfuckers!

The snake's all: Yo, my butt tastes like chicken!

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