Friday, August 22, 2008

What’s going on at GOOG?

I am a very normal type of boy. I like beer and scotch. Fried Foods. Shuffleboard. Going out on the boat. Calling people bitches, then defending myself by saying that I’m being “endearing,” even when I’m not. I believe you can have breakfast at any time of day and have dinner at six in the morning after a night on the town if the restaurant is still serving dinner food. In regards to fried foods, I’m more adventurous than most. You tell me that some fish n’chips place is deep frying Snickers? I’m there. Some sort of fried carb/cheese concoction that you dip in gravy at the State Fair? Done! Nachos? I can make them as good as any restaurant but at HOME, bitches. I’ve even had wine with breakfast! (A big thank you to France for that experience.) But this is where I’d absolutely have to draw the line. Being from Atlanta, I am a fan of the Krispy Kreme. Being a guy, I am a fan of cheeseburgers. But dag, Google, even I would have never thought of this. Yes they really served this at the google cafeteria. This should totally come with an automatic side of antacid. Or the afternoon off. Defibrillator?

Diabetes tomorrow! Heart Attack TONIGHT.

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Afsheen said...

A minor league baseball team got some press a while back for being the "first" to serve Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburgers [1], but they've existed for quite a few years before that, even. (I found a reference from 2005 on Snopes:

Frankly, I'm surprised (and a little sad) that nobody ever thought of this when we were in high school. I think my poor arteries are much too old to handle it now.


soccerboy said...

First of all, it's named after Luther Vandross? Ouch.

Second - two Krispy Kremes???! I guess the salty/sweet thing would work? I don't know, there's nothing about it that looks appealing. Maybe I should make one, drive to Cedars walk into triage and announce that I'm about to eat one of these.

The attending nurses would be all "Don't do it! You have so much to live for!"