Sunday, August 17, 2008

Box-Office Round Up : 8.17.2008

Here’s this weekend’s box-office estimates!

1. Tropic Thunder $26 million
2. The Dark Knight $16.8 million
3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars $15.5 million
4. Mirrors $11.1 million
5. Pineapple Express $11.1 million

10. Vicky Cristina Barcelona $3.7 million

17. Henry Poole is Here $2.0 million

Before we get started properly, congratulations are in order! Today, The Dark Knight became the second highest grossing movie domestically, passing the original Star Wars. In fact, Warner Bros. has the number two and number three movie this week which is a cause celebré, if you ask me. But, back to business.

Tropic Thunder won the weekend! Yes, it did $26 mil over the weekend with a total cume of $37 for the first two days. It seems to be performing less than expected, but will have no problem earning back it’s entire budget plus prints/advertising over it’s theatrical release. That’s good news for all, especially for Tom Cruise. Even though he only appears as a cameo, it’s good for him to be associated with a hit no matter the size of the role.

At $15.5 million, The Clone Wars did well, especially when you consider that it’s an animated feature that started as a half hour cartoon on the Cartoon Network. It’s also interesting to note that this feature is a launching pad for the renewed Cartoon Network show that hasn’t been on the air since 2005. Apparently, they’ve got 100 episodes worth of story for that show, with 30 already finished! Talk about a good plan…

Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona earned $3.7 million on 692 screens, which puts it in the $5300/screen range. As usual for Woody’s pictures, it could use a little word of mouth to get it going. We’ll just have to see how this one grows. In the meantime, check it out and see for yourself what reviewers are calling The Return of Woody Allen. To remind everyone, Woody didn't go nowhere. Just like Prince told Justin Timberlake that Sexy never left.

Speaking of small movies, a little French thriller called Tell No One is playing on about 98 screens here in the States. I have not gotten a chance to see it, having been on holiday, but it looks great, and has earned fantastic reviews from the 100 people who have seen it. It’s difficult to use traditional box-office math/logic with subtitled films because most foreign films are seen by being rented, not necessarily by people going out to see it. That’s okay, I feel fortunate that we even get to see such good pictures at all. In fact, in the coming months, I am excited about many upcoming films for the first time in a long time. Some are foreign but many are American! It feels like an exciting time…

And that’s the weekend!

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