Saturday, August 16, 2008

Christopher and Madonna Louise : Part II

I did it. I broke down and bought Christopher Ciccone’s book about his relationship with his sister Madonna. I bought it because I felt a need to know one person’s truth about this artist, and that person may have been the person closest with her for her whole life, including her career. It was everything I expected; revealing, scathing, funny, bitchy and sad. Ironically, what I did not expect was honesty. I had amassed enough respect for Mr. Ciccone over the years to know that every word would be true, but I never dreamed that he would put himself under the same lens.

He and his sister have an interesting relationship that many siblings do not. Most people, even if they are great confidants to their siblings do not also create great works of popular art together. To be fair, he had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of any of her music, books, movies, photos or the like. But he was her dresser for her first two tours (the closest position to the artist while on tour), the artistic designer for her third and the director for her fourth. He was the interior designer for all of her homes until 2001, and was her art curator, suggesting and finding art for her personal collection until then as well. He, like no other, has worked with her the longest over her entire career. An unusual relationship, to say the least. And, like most familial relationships, it was full of dysfunction from both parties. He could have written a bestseller without that important piece of honesty, but that book would have far less meaningful.

So why did he write it? A tell-all book would surely end his relationship with her. It is clear that he needed to let go of all of these emotions that were bottled up inside him. Not only is this his memoir, but for Mr. Ciccone, getting perspective on their story was a complete catharsis. And it served as a way of validating his reality by confronting his demons and acknowledging his own strengths and weaknesses.

It is beyond clear that Christopher Ciccone loves his sister dearly, and has the utmost respect for her artistic endeavors. At the end of the day, Life With My Sister Madonna is full of love.

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