Saturday, July 12, 2008

21st Century Life

Call him crazy, call him ambitious, call him whatever you want, but Gavin Newsom is one smart motherfucker. The City of San Francisco is implementing a new wireless network designed to alert drivers to open parking spaces on the city streets. (whaaat??!!) You’ll even be able to access a map of open spaces from your smartphone. Apparently, the Future is much more futuristic than we had previously imagined. Not only is this handy, but this service will greatly reduce San Francisco’s carbon footprint. How? Studies are showing that 30% of traffic congestion in SF is caused by drivers circling blocks looking for parking. Now that’s progress!

The real question is when the hell will The City of Los Angeles implement a similar service? The same study showed that drivers cruising for parking in LA created the equivalent of 38 trips around the world, burning 47,000 gallons of gasoline and producing 730 tons of carbon dioxide. And that’s just downtown.

Clearly, this is worth looking into.

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N. L. G. said...

Wow! That is amazing! Thanks for posting. I am excited about the possibilities with Gavin in L.A. already, but that would be incredible!!