Monday, July 21, 2008

[insert phenomenon]

At this moment I am speechless and proud of people whom I have never met, for the first time in ages. I heard about a show that these musical theatre writers were posting on youtube. Now, these aren’t established Broadway folks, they're newcomers who wrote a show about writing a show and taking it to Broadway. They were accepted into the NY Musical Theatre Workshop and then had a sold out run Off-Broadway. All the while, they were making changes and tweaking the show so it got better. And here’s when the two writers decided to start making ten minute shorts about their process to get to Broadway to upload to their site and youtube.

Now, to recap: There is a show on YouTube chronicling this show’s trip to Broadway. The show they are chronicling is about the very same writers writing a show and trying to get it to Broadway. This show is akin to the snake that eats its own tail.

Ouroboros, motherfuckers!

The snake’s all: Yo, my butt tastes like chicken!

But wait, it gets curious-er and curious-er. Because of the YouTube show, they attracted producers interested enough to secure a move to the Great White Way! Now that’s viral marketing! (are you listening, 20th Century Fox??!!) They decided to tell the world who they were and that the rest would fall in line. I am on board completely. And I strongly suggest that you check out “The [title of show] show” on YouTube. Start with episode one, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Last week, on July 17 [title of show] opened on BROADWAY at the Lyceum Theatre! If you are in the tri-state area, get your ass to the Lyceum because this show is special. Otherwise, make a pilgrimage to New York to see this show!

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I am.

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NB said...

This sounds amazing. They're people . . . like us!

Also, great article title ;)