Monday, July 14, 2008

Christopher and Madonna Louise

What is this, the old days? Madonna is touring the world to support a hit record, her marriage may or not be on the rocks and is the cover story of every single tabloid in every single store, her latest video features her dancing in her underwear, and her brother Christopher is writing a nasty-but-true tell all book about every single thing he knows about the most famous woman in the world. I feel like a kid again! All information regarding the book says this will be the definitive portrait of Madonna, and will expose every aspect of her life, personality, morals, sexual desires, hair color, etc. The inside word from the Madonna people is that the book’s contents are so revealing that it’s release will permanently freeze Chris out of her life forever, it’s that damning.

This is an interesting situation. Christopher truly knows Madonna in a way that her other siblings do not. In fact, he was such a part of her entire career up until she became Mrs. Ritchie, that by 1990 he moved up to the position of Artistic Director for the Blond Ambition World Tour, and was the stage director/production designer for The Girlie Show. They lived in the same house during and after her divorce from Sean Penn. Shit, he’s even in the video for Lucky Star, shaking it as one of her backup dancers. This man actually knows what the fuck he’s talking about.

Why would a brother do this to the sister he so clearly loved, respected and took care of emotionally? He was allowed so much access and privilege that it just seems tacky to bite the hand that fed him so elegantly. What went on between these siblings that would allow him turn his back on her so easily? And exactly how long has he been planning this book?

But the real question is why am I going to buy it…?

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