Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is the start of award season? Really?

Very early this morning, the nominations for the 2008 Emmy Awards were announced. (How many awards are there anyway? I began counting and then gave up, it’s that many. If you know the answer, please feel free to comment) Happily, I was not at the press conference because I fully understand what that entails. Most of America sees clips of the conference where two stars announce the noms as if it were an ordinary occurrence. What most don’t understand is because of the time difference, this happens at FIVE AM on the West Coast. Being on camera at five means being in hair/makeup at 2:30, and if you don’t live down the street, then you have to get up in time to make the commute! Why bother going to bed? You may be having your Dunkin’ Donuts, Boston, but in LA it’s the bloody middle of the night.

Lucky for everyone involved, especially the audience, television is in a Golden Age. We have been saying for the last ten years that programming on TV has never been better, thanks to HBO raising the bar. And now, winning an Emmy or even being nominated can be something to feel very proud about. The thought has even crossed my mind that television’s place in popular culture has taken the place of what Broadway was in its Golden Age. I know, I know, that is not fun to hear at all, especially not for me. But when it comes down to it, there is simply more quality programming on television then there ever has been, and that is a feat to be celebrated. There is also much more trashy content than ever, but I suppose with TV everybody deserves to be entertained.

So Congratulations to all the Emmy Nominees, (especially Audra McDonald whom I’ve had a professional crush on since 1994, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, 30 ROCK and Mad Men) you all deserve to be recognized for all the hard work that you’ve done simply to give me a break from my life.

Post Script : we're trying to figure out why the tags are being published in Hindi. We're happy to be read in India, but dag, we like being read in English too.

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Justice Moustache said...

What--no love for The Wire? Easily the best show ever!!

Or is it not Emmyable since it's on a premium channel? I don't even know nothing about anything anymore.

NB said...

Thir-ty Rock! Thir-ty Rock! I'm also happy that Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies got a nod. He's brilliant (and I've been crushing on his character - he owns a pie shop and wears a lot of ties!)