Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Round Up : November 23, 2008

Here’s this weekend’s Box-Office Estimates:

1. Twilight $70.6 million
2. Quantum of Solace $27.4 million
3. Bolt $27.0 million
4. Madagascar 2 $16 million
5. Role models $7.2 million

As everyone imagined, Twilight ruled the box office this weekend doing so well it’s already made back it’s budget. Twice. Now that’s a business model! It also shows the weird phenomenon of genre movies and their box-office totals. Late Friday night when we knew what the movie was doing, traditional box-office math would have put this movie in the $90 million plus range for the weekend. But the audience for a movie like Twilight is interested in seeing it on the first day, which changes things. Not that anyone over at Summit Entertainment is complaining. Twilight’s first weekend gross is already double the total gross of their next highest grossing movie. Way to go!

Not to be outdone, Quantum of Solace held it’s own in it’s second weekend of release. Yes, it’s gross fell almost 60% from the previous weekend, but damn - when you make $70 million in three days there’s nowhere to go but down. Bolt also held it’s own against the hugely popular Madagascar 2. This movie was a smart move for Miley Cyrus – she gets to be in a hit movie and she can give her image a break.

Role Models is still hanging in there on the strength of its two stars, who are out doing everything they can to stay visible. You might be able to get Paul Rudd to give a speech at your son’s Bar Mitzvah right now and Seann William Scott would perform a dance number at the party – just keep the kids away from the bar. Laugh all you want, but press like that would get people into the theaters.

This would be a good time to mention Fireproof, the Christian movie starring Kirk Cameron. Now this movie was produced by Kirk’s church group. Really. They’ve done a few movies before that were in tune with his spiritual beliefs and the group distributed the pictures themselves. They had a good model – make a movie for cheap, know your target audience and you’ll make your money back. This time, they paid for the production and used Samuel Goldwyn for distribution. It cost them $500,000 and they’ve made almost $32 million so far! Best yet, this is Samuel Goldwyn’s highest grossing picture ever – even beating the Care Bears Movie! Now that’s a business model!

And that’s the weekend!

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