Friday, May 28, 2010

Bachelor’s Paradise: The Perfect Cosmopolitan

In honor of Sex and the City 2 being released in theaters I present you, dear bachelor [whether single or married] with a recipe from my private bar collection for a Cosmopolitan. Not just any Cosmo – this is not the cheap, overly sweet and sticky concoction served at most bars around the world. This recipe was inspired by the recipe used at the famous Bar 89 in New York City. New York City?! Yes, City. As in “Sex and the City.” After many afternoons with the bartender at Bar 89, I made a suggestion to him about changing the recipe. He laughed in my face. I won’t tell you what was changed [some secrets are kept forever] but I can tell you that after he tasted my version, Bar 89 changed their house recipe to mine. And they were already famous for their Cosmopolitans.

This is The Perfect Cosmopolitan.

But why would you want to make a Cosmopolitan at all, you ask? You can’t stand that drink – and worst of all, it’s PINK! Agreed. But this is no ordinary Cosmo – this drink is magical. You will make this drink for the woman in your life and tell her that it’s in honor of the new Sex and the City movie’s release. You don’t even have to go to the movie with her – most likely she’ll want to go with her girlfriends, if you’re lucky. Make her one of these [or more!] when she gets home and let me tell you… You see, a real Cosmopolitan is not a drink for college co-eds, it's a beverage for grownups. Grown men love this drink, as they should. Because in its heart, this drink is a mean martini. This drink means business.

The Perfect Cosmopolitan will get you laid.


•A good clean vodka. Absolutely no substitutes. Grey Goose, Belvedere, Chopin or Tanqueray Sterling. Or better. Stoli or Absolut will not suffice.
•Cointreau. Absolutely no substitutes. I’m talking to you, Grand Marnier.
•Fresh lime juice [about 10 limes]. Absolutely no substitutes. Yes, you will juice your own limes.
•Cranberry juice.

What makes this The Perfect Cosmopolitan is not only the proportions, but the quality of the ingredients. The fresh lime starts you on your journey and opens your palate to the clean vodka. Then the subtle orange and cranberry mix together and finish with a refreshing zing. These ingredients make this beverage sublime.


•Cocktail Shaker
•Two-sided Jigger [the one with two different sized measures]
•Ice [big cubes are better, no crushed ice allowed]

Working Quickly:
•Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
•Fill the larger side of the Jigger with vodka. Pour into shaker.
•Fill the smaller side of the Jigger with Cointreau. Pour into shaker.
•Fill the larger side of the Jigger with fresh lime juice. Pour into shaker.
•Fill the smaller side of the Jigger with Cranberry Juice. Pour into shaker.

Place cap onto shaker and shake like hell. You’ll want to shake until the shaker is very cold in your hands. At least 20 shakes. Strain into a martini glass and serve.

Why a martini glass? Martini glasses force you to take your time and sip. And they give you time to flirt.

Enjoy the rest of your evening. Remember to use birth control if you’re not trying to have children at the moment.

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