Saturday, July 11, 2009

One. Year. Old.

One year ago today Soccerboy in LA began! When I started I had no idea where it would take me, or even if I’d really have anything to say that would take me farther than one month. I’m surprised. And grateful. This is the most amazing journey, and it has been/is nowhere near easy. It was always fun and compelling, but the learning curve was steep.

A week after the first feature I wrote one titled One. Week. Old. When I look back, that feature is surprisingly in tune with the obstacles and successes I have encountered in the past year. This is just a taste of what I’ve learned on this path of following my dreams.

Believe in your work. Love your work. Pour your entire being into your work. Make brave choices in your work. Never settle for mediocrity. Demand the best out of yourself every single day, and when that begins to feel old renew that feeling.

No one is going to give anything to you – you must be prepared to do it yourself. It may be surprising at first, but you get used to it. As soon as you realize that you have complete creative control, you’ll love doing it all yourself. Doing it yourself also means that when things go wrong, you are the person who has to fix them. The longer you wait to get things fixed, the longer you will wait for results. All sorts of results – results you can’t even imagine.

As soon as you begin to get results, people will try to take everything away from you, or explain it away. They will call you crazy, or worse. They’ll say “You got lucky,” or “You’re not talented,” or “Your work isn’t good.” Even if you’re getting genuine compliments from people, there will always be the buzz of vultures. Sometimes they’ll even be brave enough to say hurtful things to your face. Let them, congratulate their courage but Never Defend Your Work. Besides, how are you going to let someone who sits on their ass all day and does nothing creative get inside your head? Then, move along. Once you’re far enough away, you’ll realize that their hatred is simply ceremonial; it confirms that you are winning. When you’ve done something for yourself, no one can take it away from you.

Don’t trust everyone. Look directly into people’s eyes and you will know who is worthy of your trust. Immediately.

Know when a compliment is genuine. Never be afraid to hear constructive criticism.

Surround yourself with supportive people. Become a supportive person – it’s much more fulfilling than you realize.

Maybe most importantly: Be a nice person. I like being nice, compassionate and loving. It’s one of my favorite things about being human. In fact I think that’s what’s missing from the world and causes a lot of our problems. It also makes it much easier to build personal and business relationships. The problem is when you are nice, many people will perceive that you are weak and will try to stop you, fuck you over, overlook you or dismiss you. You must remain strong. You must always be willing to stand up for yourself and your work. And if you have to, remind them that being nice is just a choice.

Never. Give. Up.

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Dance678 said...

Love you Malcolm. This is exactly what I was meant to read today:)

Anonymous said...

be nice. That's so simple, it must be truth. Most truths are simple, aren't they? Thanks for sharing; the world is better 'cause you are here! Keep 'em coming!
Love, FBD